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(Note: This Condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)


The Teleport condition will be validated once a teleport has occurred (see this page to understand how Teleport works). You can decide on which teleport phase the condition will be validated. There are 5 distinct phases when the user uses the Teleport system:

  • TELEPORT: when the user has been teleported;
  • ACTIVATED: when the user starts the process of Teleport (user pressed button and is choosing where to teleport);
  • DEACTIVATED: when the user stops the teleport process (releases the teleport button without teleporting. NOTE: this option will soon be erased);
  • BAD_DESTINATION: when the user tries to teleport on a bad destination;
  • GOOD_DESTINATION: when the user tries to teleport on a good destination.

Here’s an explanation of the teleport system and how to use the condition: