Teleportation Setup (VR)

Maria Beltran

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Teleport: To move around in a virtual environment, the user has the ability to teleport. This is especially useful if your experience contains large spaces or if you are using a device with no positional tracking.

By default, the Teleport button is the joystick of the Oculus Touch controller or the trackpad of any other controller. You first need to press for the Teleport Beam to show up. When teleporting is possible, the Beam is blue and you can see a circular target at the end of it. You can move with the joystick or the trackpad to choose the desired rotation and then simply release to teleport to that target.

To set up your zones of Teleport (and avoid to be able to teleport in every collider), select the teleport layer in the Teleporter Settings. Then set your Teleportable game-object (with a collider) to be on the Teleport Layer.

The Teleport Settings are located in the Interactive Camera (Camera IO) rig, more precisely in Left Hand (IO) and Right Hand (IO). If you want, you can choose a specific set of Teleport parameters for each hand and change its design.

Here are the Teleport Details:

  • Orient On Teleport: allows the user to orient on teleport by rotating the joystick. The rotating cone shape inside the circle represents the direction the user will look once teleported.


  • Target Destination: mandatory ! It is the tip of the arc for the target destination (circle)
  • Allowed Destination: defines the color when teleport is allowed
  • Not allowed Destination: defines the color when teleport is NOT allowed
  • Arc Line Width: sets the width of the arc
  • Arc Material: defines the material of the arc


  • Allowed Layers: the layers the teleport is allowed on
  • Max Distance: to limit the teleport distance [meters] on a horizontal surface
  • Max Slope: to limit the teleport distance [meters] between zones placed at different heights.

Hotspots are specific positions for your user to be snapped on when he teleports.
Size: You can define a list of positions (add the number you want )
Minimum detection distance: defines under which distance the teleport beam will snap into this position.


To prevent some usual input errors we provide the following settings.
Hold duration to activate [s]: minimum time for the user to hold on the joystick/trackpad for the teleport to activate
Input sensitivity [0-1]: threshold to detect the input from the user
Cooldown [s]: time to wait between teleport actions (input is not taken into account during this time after a teleport).