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(Note: This condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)


Grabbing is one of the most common interactions in VR. This condition lets the system know if an object has been grabbed or released by the user.

In order for the Grab condition to work, you first need to enable the manipulation mode for your IO. To do this, go to the root of the IO and choose the Grab mode. Note that the manipulation mode can be changed during runtime with a specified interaction, which means that being able to grab an object can be enabled during the experience.

The collider used for this condition is the Hand Hover. Then, once the object is in your hand and you can manipulate it, the collider taken into account is the Manipulate.

To set up the condition, you have three fields to specify:

  1. The hand you want to take into account (LEFT, RIGHT, or BOTH);
  2. The action: GRAB (button pressed), UNGRAB (button released);
  3. The IO the user needs to grab.