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Drag & Drop Condition

If you want something to happen when you drop an object into a target.
This condition requires that Drag&Drop is enabled in the root of the (IO) and at least one Target object has been set.

See this page for the setup of the Drag&Drop.

Example: When the player finds the key and snaps it in the door, the door opens. To launch the animation of the door opening you can create an interaction that is validated when the key is dropped on the key hole.

Two things can be specified:

  1. The moment the condition is validated:
    INIT (not used)
    DROPREADY (when the drop object is inside the min radius established)
    DROPREADYCANCELED (when the drop object goes out of this radius)
    DROP (when the object is dropped)
    PICKUP (when the object is taken again but has not been released)
    REMOVED (when the object is removed from the target)
  2. The target(s) you want to take into account to validate this condition (it can be any of its targets or you can specify a particular set of targets)