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Download and Import

Download SpatialStories

If not done yet, go to this page and download your preferred version(s) of the SpatialStories Unity plugin. Unzip it to reveal a file with a standard .unitypackage extension.

Download Unity

Make sure that you have the recommended version of Unity mentioned in the description of the Unity plugin download link. Unity can be downloaded here. SpatialStories may be compatible with newer/older versions of Unity, but it is not guaranteed.

Import the SDK in Unity

Open Unity and create a new project (starting with an empty project is recommended). Go to Assets > Import package > Custom Package…, pick up the .unitypackage file you’ve just downloaded and click on Import. This will take a few minutes. Once imported in your project, you can erase the downloaded .unitypackage file from your hard drive.

Custom Layers (Only for VR)

In order for the VR plugin to work, specific layers have to be created. While you will be importing the VR SDK you will see this popup window indicating that new layers have been created. The teleport one is the only layer that you should be aware of. Anything placed under this layer and having a collider will be considered as a zone for the user to teleport on.

Example Scenes

To familiarize yourself with the toolkit’s possibilities, we suggest you take a look at the example scenes that we provide and test them on your device. Depending on the version of the plugin, example scenes can be either in the file itself, or in an external file that you can download separately.