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Allows you to define if an interaction is dependant on any other interaction in the scene. This feature of our Unity Plugin is extremely useful. It will allow you to build chain of events for creating an experience. Dependencies allow you to define which interaction will be triggered based on what the user is doing and give them a step by step order.

Whether it is to build an interactive story, game mechanics, tutorials or simulations, dependencies are a practical and simple feature.

If an interaction is dependent on another it means that as soon as the first interaction is validated, the other one becomes active. You can then activate or deactivate an interaction when another has been triggered.

If ‘Require All’ is checked, all the interactions in the list must be validated before the dependencies are validated.

Note that interactions have what we call a Timeframe, and an interaction can depend on different states of the timeframe of another interaction. The most used is the Triggered state (by default) which happens when all conditions of an interaction are met. You can however be dependent on an interaction that is only Active or after being triggered in After mode.

See Timeframe for details.