Interactive Camera Structure

Emilie Joly

This section describes the structure of our Camera (IO) for Augmented and Virtual Reality.  Avoid modifying its structure as it will create issues in your scenes unless you have a good understanding of the codebase.

Teleportation Setup (VR)

Maria Beltran

Teleport Teleport: To move around in a virtual environment, the user has the ability to teleport. This is especially useful if your experience contains large spaces or if you are using a device with no positional tracking. By default, the Teleport button is the joystick of the Oculus Touch controller or the trackpad of any other controller. You first need …

Setting up your Camera

Emilie Joly

Interactive Camera SpatialStories uses its own camera that automatically handles the XR features from Unity and the toolkit’s functionalities. To benefit from the SpatialStories Camera, all you have to do is convert the standard Main Camera into an Interactive Camera: For most platforms (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, ARKit, ARCore), right-click on the Camera in the Hierarchy Tab and select SpatialStories …