Maria Beltran

Duration   It is a given amount of time (in seconds) during which conditions have to be true for the interaction to trigger. For example if 3s are required and the condition is Gaze, then this means that if the user gazes the specified object for at least 3s the interaction will trigger. If during this period, the condition stops …

Hand Hover

Sylvain Joly

Hand Hover (Note: This Condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)   Just as the camera casts an invisible ray, hands also know when they are pointing at objects. The Hand Hover Condition detects if the ray from each controller collides with an IO (or collides with its Hand Hover collider, to be more specific). For this option, three …


Sylvain Joly

Proximity   This Condition can be used every time objects (or more precisely, its colliders) need to collide with each other or with the user himself.


Sylvain Joly

Reload If you want your interaction to be triggered more than once, you can use this condition to reload the interaction. Mode: MANUAL ONLY: the reload has to be called through your own C# script; INFINITE: this interaction can be reloaded an infinite amount of times during its ACTIVE phase; FINITE: this interaction can be reloaded a limited amount of …


Sylvain Joly

Timeframe An Interaction has several lifecycles also called Timeframe described below: Active: when dependencies have been validated and the specified delay has been reached Triggered: when an interaction is triggered after conditions are met After: after an interaction has been triggered or when it has expired if specified Only during its ACTIVE phase, the conditions are checked and an interaction …

Drag & Drop

Sylvain Joly

Drag & Drop Condition If you want something to happen when you drop an object into a target. This condition requires that Drag&Drop is enabled in the root of the (IO) and at least one Target object has been set. See this page for the setup of the Drag&Drop. Example: When the player finds the key and snaps it in …

Teleport (VR)

Sylvain Joly

Teleport [VR] (Note: This Condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR) The Teleport condition will be validated once a teleport has occurred (see this page to understand how Teleport works). You can decide on which teleport phase the condition will be validated. There are 5 distinct phases when the user uses the Teleport system: TELEPORT: when the user has …


Sylvain Joly

Inputs (Note: This Condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)   Inputs come from buttons/trackpad/joystick of the controllers. You can use any input from the user as a condition for your interaction. The fields you need to specify are: Platform: currently we mapped the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Controllers in a clear way. Input: choose the …


Sylvain Joly

Grab (Note: This condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)   Grabbing is one of the most common interactions in VR. This condition lets the system know if an object has been grabbed or released by the user. In order for the Grab condition to work, you first need to enable the manipulation mode for your IO. To do …


Sylvain Joly

Touch   The Touch condition can define two different interaction modes: one for VR, and another one for AR. Select the details for each below.