Maria Beltran

Duration   It is a given amount of time (in seconds) during which conditions have to be true for the interaction to trigger. For example if 3s are required and the condition is Gaze, then this means that if the user gazes the specified object for at least 3s the interaction will trigger. If during this period, the condition stops …

Hand Hover

Sylvain Joly

Hand Hover (Note: This Condition is not available in SpatialStories for AR)   Just as the camera casts an invisible ray, hands also know when they are pointing at objects. The Hand Hover Condition detects if the ray from each controller collides with an IO (or collides with its Hand Hover collider, to be more specific). For this option, three …


Sylvain Joly

Proximity   This Condition can be used every time objects (or more precisely, its colliders) need to collide with each other or with the user himself.


Sylvain Joly

Gravity   This can be used to modify the gravity on an IO, the action is handling the options of the Rigidbody component at the root of the IO. Combine this with colliders action according to your needs.


Sylvain Joly

Animation SpatialStories uses Mecanim (Unity) to trigger animations: All you need is an Animator Controller component that can either be at the root of the IO or directly in the visuals if it comes from an animated 3D model made in an external software. The Animation action reads the trigger parameters that have been set up in the Animator Window …


Sylvain Joly

Audio Activate: play audio with an interaction. Audio Source: the audio source used to play the audio (it looks for audio sources inside the IO, by default there is only one) Loop: playing options None: looping is disabled. Single: first clip will loop Playlist: the list of clips will loop Playlist once: the list will be played once (here the …


Sylvain Joly

Manipulation (Note: This Action is not available in AR) The manipulation mode of an (IO) and its parameters can be changed at anytime with an interaction using this action. Manipulation Ability: Activate or deactivate the manipulation ability of the object. Manipulation Distance: Modifies the distance at which the user can interact with this IO. Manipulation Mode: Modifies the manipulation mode. …


Sylvain Joly

Colliders   Activate / Deactivate the colliders associated with this IO. WARNING: this will be applied to all colliders inside the hierarchy of the IO, including interaction colliders (Gaze, proximity…) but also any other collider the user has added by hand. Sometimes you have to combine this action with the one that handles Gravity, depending on what the result needs to be.


Sylvain Joly

Visuals   This will allow you to hide or show objects. Nothing: won’t do anything Activate / Deactivate: either activates (show) or deactivates (hide) the visuals of this IO. Alter All Visuals: if not checked, lets you manually select which visual in the Visuals of the IO will be affected. Note : what the action does is to activate/deactivate the Renderer …


Sylvain Joly

Reload If you want your interaction to be triggered more than once, you can use this condition to reload the interaction. Mode: MANUAL ONLY: the reload has to be called through your own C# script; INFINITE: this interaction can be reloaded an infinite amount of times during its ACTIVE phase; FINITE: this interaction can be reloaded a limited amount of …