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(Despite its name, this Custom Action also supports ARCore)


This is the action used by the Instantiate Behaviour. It will move the given objects (usually IO’s) to the given position.

Object To Move : is the list where you select the objects to be moved

Constraints : the location where the objects will be instantiated

  • OVER_A_PLANE: only when pointing at a plane
  • OVER_AN_OBJECT: only when pointing at an object
  • IN_FRONT_OF_CAMERA: always in front of the camera at the specified Distance

Height Offset : when instantiated, the object will offset its height position from the instantiated position.

Distance From Camera : the distance from the camera in meters the object will be instantiated at if IN_FRONT_OF_CAMERA selected.

Deactivate at Start : will hide the objects in the list at start and until they are moved by this action.