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Custom Actions for VR

A list of custom actions to be used in Virtual Reality is available for download here, they include:

  • CA_ActivateGameObjects: activate Game Object(s) in the scene
  • CA_DeactivateGameObjects: deactivate Game Object(s) in the scene
  • CA_AlterColliders: activate or deactivate specific colliders inside the IO.
  • CA_ChangeColor: sets a random color of a 3d asset material (works with the standard shader).
  • CA_ChangeScale: animates the scale of a chosen Game Object.
  • CA_MoveToTransform: animates a GameObject with a parabolic movement from its current position to a target position. Number of flips and height of the parabole can be tweaked.
  • CA_ChangeLayer: change the layer of a specific object (useful to  make a surface available for teleport during an experience).
  • CA_DeactivateTeleport: deactivates teleporting in the experience.
  • CA_Parent: set a parent GameObject to another GameObject. Child can be set to take the parent’s center position.
  • CA_UnparentObjectFromEverybody: unparents a Game Object and puts it in the root of the hierarchy.
  • CA_IncrementCounter: using a Canvas text element this action creates a counter, incrementing the value everytime the action is triggered.
  • CA_ReloadInteractions: use this to create complex loops of a series of interactions. This action resets a list of interactions (reloads the conditions) allowing you to replay the chain properly.
  • CA_TimelinePlay: using the Timeline of Unity, plays the playable director.
  • CA_TimelineStop: using the Timeline of Unity, stops the playable director.
  • CA_Vibrate: use this to provide feedback through controllers. Add an audio clip if you are using Oculus Touch or set the strength and duration of the vibration for the HTC Vive controllers.
  • CA_LoadSceneImmediate: loads a scene (using the name of the scene).