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Sylvain Joly

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Move Objects

(Note: This section only concerns SpatialStories for AR)

This functionality helps you decide where an Interactive Object will be placed in Augmented Reality.

Tu see a full tutorial on how to set it up, follow this link:

The Mover Behaviours takes the following parameters:

  • Behaviour name: name that the generated IO will have.
  • Objects to be moved:   list of objects you need to move.
  • Cursor Visual : representation of the object to move, visible before placing it (see Cursors below for details)

To add more objects, simply press the + Add another button.

The Mover Behaviours as the following options:

  • Deactivate At Start will, if checked, deactivate all the objects specified in the list when you launch the application. It is useful when you don’t want to see objects that needs to be placed before it’s their turn to be placed. Otherwise, you will see all your objects in the list at start at their original position.
  • Height Offset will position the object at the specified vertical offset (in meters). Useful if you want to instantiate balls from a constant height in your experience for instance.
  • Constraints specifies if the object will be moved :
    • OVER_A_PLANE which consists of every flat surfaces scanned by your device.
    • OVER_AN_OBJECT which is every virtual object in your scene.
    • IN_FRONT_OF_CAMERA at the specified distance in the devices’ screen forward direction.
  • Generate Behaviour is used to generate the configured behaviour in your Hierarchy as an IO when you’re done.

NOTE : A generated behaviour will have interactions already setup but you can notice that there are also two more interactions called Start and End. Those interactions are here to help you build dependencies with other Interactive Objects in your scene.

To generate your IO, simply press Generate Behaviour (Warning: the behaviour window will remain open so check your hierarchy before pressing the button a second time).