Instantiate Objects [AR]

Sylvain Joly

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Instantiate Objects

(Note: This section only concerns SpatialStories for AR)


This functionality is for instantiating objects. To create a Instantiator Behaviour, open its window through the top menu SpatialStories like shown below.

Then, this window will appear:

Very similar to the mover behaviour, this one uses only prefabs and not objects in your scene.

  • Name your behaviour: name that the generated IO will have.
  • Objects to be Instantiated: list of objects you need to instantiate in this IO.

Each object to be instantiated has to be a Prefab . It can have its custom cursor in the Cursor Visual field (optional, see details below).

To add more objects, simply press the + Add another button.


  • Next Object to spawn will define if the next object to be instantiated is the next in the defined list of objects to be instantiated (LIST_ORDER) or a random one in this list (RANDOM).
  • Number Of Instantiations defines if the number of objects is FINITE and you define the finite number in the Num Objects To Instantiate field, or INFINITE.
  • Height Offset will position the object at the specified vertical offset (in meters). Useful if you want to instantiate balls from a constant height in your experience for instance.
  • Constraints specifies if the object will be instantiated:
    • OVER_A_PLANE which consists of every flat surfaces scanned by your device.
    • OVER_AN_OBJECT which is every virtual object in your scene.
    • IN_FRONT_OF_CAMERA at the specified distance in the devices’ screen forward direction