Instantiate Behaviour [AR]

Sylvain Joly

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Instantiate Behaviour

(Note: This section only concerns SpatialStories for AR)

The Instantiate behaviour allows you to instantiate objects at runtime. You will find a full tutorial on how to use it in your scene here:

The Instantiate behaviours allows for the following parameters:

Prefabs List. Here you can define the list of objects that will be instantiated.

Cursor Here you can define the list of cursors for the objects that will be instantiated.

Height Offset will position the object at the specified vertical offset (in meters). Useful if you want to instantiate balls from a constant height in your experience for instance.

Constraints specifies if the object will be instantiated:

    • OVER_A_PLANE which consists of every flat surfaces scanned by your device.
    • OVER_AN_OBJECT which is every virtual object in your scene.
    • IN_FRONT_OF_CAMERA at the specified distance in the devices’ screen forward direction

Distance from Camera Specify here the distance at which the object should be spawned from the camera.

Choose Random Check this box if you want the objects to be instantiated randomly.