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SpatialStories is an open creation platform dedicated to immersive content creation (AR/VR/MR). Leverage our interaction SDK for Unity today !
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XR Toolkit

Create Interactive XR Experiences
SpatialStories is designed specifically to create interactive experiences in VR, AR or MR. Unlock the possibilities of these new media with an easy-to-use software toolkit based on conditions and actions.
Empower your Users
Grabbing, touching, pointing, levitating, gazing, walking,... XR allows for many intuitive inputs you can take advantage of for immersing your users into your experience. Simply set them up as conditions to launch any action.
Fast, Accessible, Flexible
Created by designers for designers, SpatialStories doesn't require any coding knowledge. Still, developers can use the toolkit's powerful API or add any custom code directly into their workflow, whenever they want.


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Trigger any action based on what you look at


Decide what happens when objects collide


Drag and drop any object where you want


Point and select distant elements


Decide how any object can be manipulated


Create objects by using primitives or modelling


Translate, rotate and scale any object


Create animated paths of any object


Launch any audio file with any interaction


Modify gravity settings for any object


Test your experience at any time


Use any available physical input available


Allow your users to go where you want them to go


Visualize and edit your interaction timeline


Create entire XR experiences directly in VR


Export your experience to a variety of formats
This list is non exhaustive. Some features are currently being developed and therefore not yet available in the Beta.


With an intuitive software tool like SpatialStories, more people - including those without coding knowledge and resources - will be empowered to create interactive VR/AR content faster, cheaper and better.
– Pearly Chen, Chief of Staff to Chairwoman & CEO, HTC
There’s significant artistry in implementing interactivity in all sorts of immersive experiences – from VR to AR and whatever comes after – and the more we can bring new artists into the fold and experiment with what we can do here, the closer we will get creating work that truly resonates. I think what apelab is developing contributes very much to this and will in turn help in the progress of the medium as a whole.
– Jessica Brillhart, VR Creator & Tech Influencer
We're building a future where computers seamlessly fit in our lives, designing digital worlds that fit seamlessly over the physical world. SpatialStories is an important tool that will let today's storytellers build the stories, movies and games of the future.
– Timoni West, Head of Authoring Tools, Unitylabs
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