What is SpatialStories?

SpatialStories is the effort of the founding team at apelab to deliver a full Production Pipeline for XR (VR, AR, MR) interactive content creation. SpatialStories includes a Creative Suite and an upcoming Collaborative Platform where creators will be able to post or respond to gigs and challenges.
XR includes inherently interactive media spreading out in all verticals. Whether it is for education, healthcare, entertainment, music or art, every industry is looking to build their own forms of interactive experiences and build new incredible "things" that don't necessarily have a name yet. SpatialStories reflects the growing need for a comprehensive, creators friendly, professional foundation to make XR interactive content easier to build.
SpatialStories is a constant work-in-progress, a testing lab, a philosophy. An open-minded place to create the tools that we've yet to imagine and to think outside of the box. We are creating SpatialStories for the industry, with the industry. So we need your voice. Whether you're a designer, scriptwriter, student or engineer, we want to know what you need, what you want, what you're missing out to bring your craziest visions to life!


The SpatialStories SDK is a complete tool embedded in the Unity engine that covers all the needs from room-scale to mobile XR productions. By simplifying the creation of interactive objects and giving access to a robust dependency system, creatives who have a basic understanding of Unity can start building an experience in a couple of minutes. The Beta version of the SDK covers Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Microsoft Hololens & ARKit. More exciting platforms are on their way!
To give it a try and give us some feedbacks, please register to our Beta here. We recently announced the Suite will become Open-Source, for a better accessibility for creators. Stay tuned for this exciting upcoming release!
We’re dedicated to build the foundations needed to create groundbreaking XR experiences – without a line of code! The apelab Team


SpatialStories Studio is a standalone application allowing XR creators to create a project from scratch directly from within a headset.
Import 3D assets or use existing libraries such as Sketchfab or Poly, convert them into interactive objects and start building your experience with absolutely no coding or game engine required. This is the perfect companion for creatives with a vision, with stories to share. SpatialStories Studio also allows to seamlessly send all your data to the Unity engine with our SDK, should you feel the need to continue working in the game engine.
Spatial Studio is currently in development. Its release will be announced in the upcoming months.

User Centered

Our system is based on the possible actions that a user can do within his environment and with the objects inside it.


A full set of parameters for conditions and actions give you a wide range of possibilities.


An action or a condition we don’t cover? No problem! A custom code system allows you to easily create your own.